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If you’re interested in bathroom renovation in Wynnewood, you’re probably happy that you’ve found yourself on our website. Whether you need a new shower installed, simple fixtures replaced, or the entire bathroom remodeled, our Wynnewood bathroom renovation company American Made Renovations can help you with all of your encompassing needs.

There a few things that we believe set our Wynnewood bathroom remodeling company apart from others. Of them, a few are:

Building. We only use the highest quality products. Never will we use imitation products.

Pricing. Once we make an estimate on the job, it will never change or fluctuate- unless you want to change the job.

Planning. You will always have a very clear idea of what your bathroom will end up looking like when you are done.

Working. Our workers carry out their business with only the utmost professional demeanor.

Projecting. Once we give you our timeline, it’s set in stone. We’ll make sure we are done by the day we had originally planned.

Cleaning. Bathroom renovation in Wynnewood can be a messy job. However, we’ll make sure that your home stays as clean as it always was throughout our entire process.

Wynnewood Bathroom Renovation Tips

Before beginning your Wynnewood bathroom renovation plans, you should be doing some research on what your options are in terms of design, and how much money you could be saving. For your convenience, American Made Renovations has compiled a small list of advice to follow before rushing into the renovation process.

• Choose quality surfaces. Bathroom surfaces have a much deeper purpose than just for design. Think about how much abuse they take through the years. For that reason, it’s smart to choose a more sustainable surface just as porcelain or granite countertops.

• Consider hiding the toilet. Having a hidden toilet in a master bathroom with a half wall, or a “room within a room” can be a very nice feature for those who share bathrooms.

• Spend some extra money on the shower. Standard shower sizes are a lot bigger than they used to be, as they have moved from 3-by-3 feet to 4-by-6 feet. Today, showers have much more features as well, such as steam generators. If you’re all about having a relaxing showering experience, you should consider these features when planning your bathroom renovation in Wynnewood.

Contact American Made Renovations to schedule a consultation today. We’re looking forward to helping you transform your bathroom into the one you’ve always dreamed of.