Looking For A Villanova, PA Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company?

As passersby drive down Spring Mill Rd, through the middle of Villanova, they’re likely in awe of what they see.

This is an upper middle class town with some neighborhoods nudging into the wealthy category. It’s a great town that gives you breathing space, and a great community of people who love where they live. Of course…why wouldn’t they?

But probably the greatest thing about this town is the people. This is a town where the people truly care about one another. As you drive down the street you’ll get a wave and a smile. That’s why this Villanova PA Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company love to service this town.

It’s also a town where people appreciate the value of a dollar and what that dollar will buy. They appreciate what they have. The people of Villanova appreciate well-built, well constructed, and enjoyment of what’s available to them.

That’s why if you’re a Villanova resident, and you’re not happy with your kitchen or bathroom, then it might be time that you do some catching up and create the comfort and enjoyment that you know you deserve.

Villanova Bathroom Remodeling – Making the Bathroom the Place You Enjoy…

Bathrooms obviously have their practical purpose in our lives. However, bathrooms have come to be so much more than just a glorified outhouse. When you have a big family with kids, the bathroom is the one place where it’s acceptable to escape and lock the door.

Your bathroom is sometimes your one chance for solace and relaxation. It’s where you’re allowed to go and get your wits about you and not feel guilty about it.

So why wouldn’t you want that bathroom to be perfect. When you live in a town like Villanova, you likely visit friends and neighbors who’s bathroom makes you ultimately jealous and envious. But there’s no reason to experience that one bit when you can have the same…if not better.

Villanova Kitchen Remodeling – Redesigning and Remodeling the Paramount Area of Your Home

Your kitchen is an incredibly high traffic area. The fact that it’s where the food is kept. This is probably the biggest reason. However, over and over again, this Villanova Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company has realized that it’s pretty universal…the Kitchen is where people simply love to hang out.

It’s the area of the home where laughter and fun occur, where parents and kids learn to understand each other and hear about each others day. It’s where spouses talk about dreams and goals for the family. Heck, it’s even likely the dog’s favorite spot in the home and where he/she probably hounds you for scraps.

It’s the paramount area and therefore it should be giving you tons of joy. If it’s not, then it’s due time that you create the kitchen that does give you that. At American Made Renovations, your Villanova Kitchen Remodeling Company, we want to help you achieve exactly that.

But First…Here’s a Couple of Cool Things About Villanova PA Having Nothing to Do With Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling…

• In 2008, a guy named Bill Gibson created a new sport called Kronum right here in Villanova. That sport is quickly becoming more and more popular, with 7 professional teams currently on the roster. As well, it’s taken off quite nicely in Europe.

• Blockbuster movie star Will Smith recently rented an estate in Villanova, PA while filming a new movie with director and producer M. Night Shyamalan. In 2012 residents saw the comings and goings of Will and family in and out of the estate. Pretty exciting for such a small town. Yet not surprising, because Villanova truly is a tremendous and luxurious place to live.

Looking for a Villanova Bathroom Remodeling Company?…

• Your choice of bathtub and shower can make a huge difference in the enjoyment that you get out of your bathroom. Bathrooms are more and more acting as mini “do it yourself” spas. Although you’d never want to totally give up the day spa, when you can’t make it, you can have the same feel and comfort at home. From tile, to the shower heads, and jet packed bathtubs…you can have the ultimate treatment right in your own bathroom.

• Bathrooms are becoming more and more luxurious. We’ve already spoken about the difference just the bathroom and shower can make. Yet you can create the total luxury atmosphere by encompassing the best counter materials, as well as tile and stone settings. Your vanity doesn’t have to be the standard old medicine cabinet anymore. You can have entire walls as your vanity area, with the finest in marble and granite counter tops available.

• Lighting fixtures for the bathroom are no longer constrained to wall sconces, or even the more recently popular recess lighting. Newer luxury bathrooms have chandeliers hanging from the bathroom ceiling, completely changing the look and the way we are thinking about bathrooms these days.

…Or Perhaps You Need a Villanova PA Kitchen Remodeling Company?

• Kitchen counter space is definitely prime real estate. You can never have enough, but very often space is limited. One thing that you’ll want to definitely consider…regardless of space actually…is an island. This will give you extra counter area, as well as the chance to add extra dining, cooking , and storage space.

• Be mindful of the tile that you choose. You’ll want wall tile (backsplash) that is easy to clean, but compliments the overall look that you’re going for. Make wise choices when it comes to color etc. Our Villanova Kitchen remodeling company will be glad to help you plan out your kitchen remodeling and give you expert advice on choosing furniture, fixtures, and colors…

• An organized kitchen is a happy and beautiful kitchen. It also makes it much more efficient for you to cook and create meals in. Having an organized kitchen means having plenty of storage space. Create enough cabinet space to take care of all of your dishes, utensils, food, and have extra storage for things that you’ll eventually add. Doing so will ensure that you’ve got a nice, neat, and organized kitchen for years to come.

If you’re ready to get your bathroom or kitchen project started, or even if you’d just like to talk to us about plans that you’re considering down the road, give us a call at: 484-470-3287