Looking For A Lower Merion, PA Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company?

A great place to live in Pennsylvania is Lower Merion Township. As you drive slightly north west on Route 23 through the township, you get a great idea of what this township is about.

Starting in Bala Cynwyd you’ll see some of the township’s oldest stone mansions built all the way back in the 1880’s through the 1920’s. As you move more west you’ll eventually pass by the wonderful town of Gladwyne. It’s a small town of upper-middle class residents who understand the meaning of a dollar, and creating things that last. This is a place where people dream of living. Many stay in town their entire lives. Why leave a great place like Lower Merion Township?

No matter where you’re at in Lower Merion Twp, you’re in a part of our country where people are glad to call home.

That’s why this Lower Merion PA Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling company loves to serve this area, and all of the great people in it. We love it every single time that we’re asked to come into town and remodel a kitchen or bathroom to make it match the rest of the town. In other words…to help make it look extraordinary as well.

This is a township that has history, and part of that history includes all the things that were built here to obviously last. For instance when the Welsh Quakers built the Merion Friends Meeting House…which was founded in 1682…they probably didn’t realize that the place would still be standing today. These guys knew how to build and create things that last centuries… not decades.

However, even a township as great as this, with a great community of people and gorgeous houses can seem a little disappointing when you’re not happy about two of the most important areas of your home. Your kitchen and your bathroom.

Both of these areas of the home hold special value, beyond the obvious. Therefore it’s important that you’re proud of your kitchen and bathroom, and this Lower Merion PA Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company wants to help you become proud of yours.

Lower Merion Kitchen Remodeling – You Deserve the Kitchen of Your Dreams…

Kitchens are vitally important to not only your home but to your entire family.

Your kitchen…in case you haven’t noticed…very often becomes the meeting place of the home. It’s where your family is fed and nourished. It’s where you watch and help your children grow up, along the way teaching them life crucial life lessons. It’s where company and party guests always gather.

In the kitchen, homework is done at tables. Husbands and wives talk over the family finances or vacation plans. And the entire family gets together and creates the meal of their dreams in this hotspot of the home.

Therefore it’s important that you are proud of your kitchen. You deserve the kitchen of your dreams and our Lower Merion kitchen remodeling company wants to help you achieve exactly that.

Lower Merion Bathroom Remodeling – Is It Time to Turn Your Bathroom Into Something Special?

While we all know what the bathroom is for, the fact is that we could all stand to use some extra “me” time in the bathroom.

This can be the place where we get to finally relax and refresh from a hard day. Or perhaps clear our minds before a long day that hasn’t yet begun.

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can be much more important to family life than you might think. Memories of a child’s first bath, first tooth brushing lesson, or the first time washing the family pet at home can build tremendous memories. This is what the family foundation is built on.

Your bathroom should be relaxing, yet efficient. The combination of fashion and function should co-exist quite perfectly, and this Lower Merion Bathroom Remodeling Company can help you with your wants and needs for this project.

More on how to do that soon, but first…

Fun Stuff About Lower Merion Township That Has Nothing to Do With Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodeling Project…

• Need something to do with the kids…but you want them to use their brains and imagination. Take them to the Mud Room in Ardmore, PA. Your kids will love making ceramic arts and crafts, and you’ll love helping them and watching them.

• If you’re in the Gladwyne area, and you’re feeling a bit hungry, then you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by stopping into the Guard House Inn on Young Ford’s Road. This is a little German spot that has some of the best food in not just Gladwyne, but all of Lower Merion Township.

• If you’re driving past or through Rosemont PA, then a great place to grab a bite to eat is at Gullifty’s. This is a great place for a good drink, some pizza, a burger, etc. The atmosphere is amazing. If you’ve got no kids in tow, then you’ll want to head out to the outdoor bar area and have a nice drink with other adults.

Are You Looking for a Lower Merion Kitchen Remodeling Company?

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in Lower Merion Township, here are some things that you’ll need to keep in mind…

• Give yourself plenty of working counter space. You wouldn’t believe how much counter space that you can create when you plan correctly. Many people remodel their kitchens, and look back disappointed that they didn’t plan for enough counter space. Counter space is cruical for those who cook, as well as entertain…so don’t forget to add that. This Lower Merion kitchen remodeling company can help you with your plans…

• Think about the entertaining aspects of your kitchen. If you frequently entertain in your home, or have a large family, then you know that everybody eventually ends up in the kitchen. It’s just almost a given. So when remodeling your kitchen, be sure to design around the scenario of that entertaining, and strategically placing your appliances, as well as your sink and stove. Our Lower Merion County kitchen remodeling company have planners that can help you figure all of this out to a tee…

• Think carefully about your storage and cabinetry. One of the most satisfying things you can achieve when remodeling your kitchen is ample storage space. Otherwise you’re left with a cluttered mess, and nobody wants that in their kitchen.

…How About a Lower Merion Bathroom Remodeling Company?

• Choose tile carefully, both color wise and texture wise. The color and texture of your tile will instantly set the mood of your bathroom. Pick colors that will go with your chosen cabinetry and counters, yet will be comfortable and safe. If you have children safety will be of the utmost concerns. As will cleaning ability. If you’re going for the spa look, then stone tiles are a great way for setting that mood.

• Utilize your space wisely. There are certain tricks of the trade that can increase both perceived as well as actual space in your bathroom by a huge margin. Speaking with our planners and designers at our Lower Merion Bathroom remodeling company will definitely get you started on the right track.

• Give yourself ample storage space. Just like a kitchen…if not even more so…a cluttered bathroom can make you miserable. This is the room of the house where it’s okay to lock the door. If it’s your one solitude of the day, the last thing that you want is to be stuck in a mess. Utilze cabinet areas wisely. Our planners can help you build around your space as well as the habits of you and your family.

If you’re ready to get started on any type of project in your home, give our Lower Merion Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company a call now at 484-470-3287.