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Bathroom renovation in Gladwyne enhances everything about your bathroom, including your overall grooming experience. A bathroom with moldy grout and lack of space can make you feel extremely claustrophobic and also put off guests that you have over. Make your bathroom a more sacred place with the help of our Gladwyne bathroom renovation company, American Made Renovations.

Our process consists of a few steps. First, we conduct a consultation in your home. Then, we figure out the estimate. Once you receive your estimate, it will never fluctuate. It stays fixed. We map out a plan in order for you to have a very clear vision in mind regarding what the finished product will look like. Then, we pick out your products (Note: our products are always the highest quality. We will never use imitation products). We then give you a timeline, which we stick to strictly. Once we being to start the process, our Gladwyne bathroom renovation workers will always be professional and keep your house clean.

Gladwyne Bathroom Renovation Tips

With all of the design options of today, putting your design together might seem like a daunting task. First, you’ll need to do all of the necessary research regarding pricing, trends, colors, and surfaces. Before you embark on all of this hefty research, we’ve come up with a few points in navigation that you could choose to follow.

• Choose tasteful fixtures. A bedistal sink is much more attractive than a bulky cabinet vanity. Claw-foot tubs are like sculpture for your bathroom. Fixtures like this can dramatically enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom.

• Hang a chic mirror. A stylishly framed mirror is much more beautiful than multiple surfaces covered with mirror. Install a light above it. Our Gladwyne bathroom renovation company thinks that it will add a nice touch.

• Splurge on the shower a little bit. Since standard showers are much bigger than they used to be, you should consider making yours a little bit bigger during renovation. They also come equipped with many different new and innovative features, such as steam generators.

• Select Strong Flooring. If you’re shooting for water resistant, our Gladwyne bathroom renovation company suggests that you could go for ceramic, marble, or stone tiles. If you’re worried about these surfaces being too cold during the winter, you could choose to install subfloor heating coils in order to make these surfaces warm.

Contact our Gladwyne bathroom renovation today, American Made Renovations, to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to answer any of your questions: 484-470-3287.