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Kitchen renovation in Ardmore can seem like a completely overwhelming task since there are so many different design options, materials, and details to choose from. If you want to make the process much easier on yourself, you’ll need to find a renovation company that is characterized by hard work, honesty, and integrity. Luckily, you’ve found yourself on our Ardmore kitchen renovation site, American Made Renovations.

Our process is set apart from other companies through the following characteristics:

  • Building. All of our products are absolutely top-of-the-line, meaning we never will use imitation or inferior products.
  • Planning. We make sure that our vision is clear to you, so that you have a very good idea of what your bathroom will look like at the end of the job.
  • Projecting. We follow a strict timeline in order to meet the deadline or the end date of your Ardmore kitchen renovation.
  • Working. Our workers are all extremely professional. We promise that you will not have an unpleasant experience with them at any point of your kitchen renovation.
  • Pricing. Once you get your estimate, you price does not fluctuate, unless if you want to make additions or removals to your job.
  • Cleaning. Ardmore kitchen renovation can be messy at times. However, we promise to keep everything as clean as possible after every day that we are working in your home.Ardmore Kitchen Renovation Tips

    There are so many different kitchen renovation options that are trending lately. It can be rather exhausting when you’re interested in them all. You can start to plan by making a list of those you like the most, or look through Pinterest, or also just do some window shopping in a store such as Home Depot. However, to make your Ardmore kitchen renovation planning a little easier, we’ve drafted some tips you could take into consideration before you start planning.

  • Pick out an elegant counter top. Granite, marble and slate make for absolutely beautiful countertops. Make a list of those you like the most in order to narrow down your options.
  • Determine what height you want your countertops to be. If you have 8 ft. tall ceilings, you could opt to have your countertops reach the ceiling. This will allow more room in the kitchen for shelves or artwork.

• Always use quality materials. If you don’t, you could end up paying more money in the long run. Stay away from drawers that are stapled together, and/or made of particleboard.

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