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Bathroom renovation in Ardmore is a big choice. It takes time to make all of the little decisions, do research, and formulate a design plan. For that reason, it’s important to hire knowledgeable specialists who you can trust to get the details right. No matter what kind of renovation you need- be it big or small- we’re here for you.

We believe that there are a few things about our work that set us apart from other companies. Some of our defining characteristics include:

  • Cleaning. Since bathroom renovation in Ardmore tends to get messy during the process, we make sure to clean up every single day as best we can after our work.
  • Working. We only hire workers who are professional, courteous, and polite. Our workers will never get in your way and we ensure only pleasant interactions with them.
  • Projecting. Our timelines are set in stone. It is one of our foremost objectives to get the job done on that specific date, while not rushing the process.
  • Pricing. The estimate we give to you remains the same. We will never change that price, unless if you would like to add or remove something from the job.
  • Building. For all bathroom renovation jobs, we always provide the highest quality products.
  • Planning. Once we give you an estimate, we’ll sketch out our plan in order for you to have the clearest vision possible of your Ardmore bathroom renovation.

Tips for Ardmore Bathroom Renovation

A huge part of the bathroom renovation process is the planning that goes into it. Planning consists of research, shopping around, etc., in order for you to find the best possible options available. American Made Renovations has prepared a little perspective on the foresight you should have while planning your Ardmore bathroom renovation.

  • Make sure you have space on your vanity. Think about it. What do you do at your vanity? You groom yourself. You’ll need to have space to put down all of your grooming materials, especially if you share your bathroom with someone else.
  • Make sure that when you are planning out your bathroom renovation in Ardmore, you are providing adequate light and ventilation. You’ll need to have a bathroom fan installed to avoid mold and mildew from growing in your bathroom. Decide what kind of lights you want installed in your bathroom as well, depending on your vanity needs.

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